Kid Works Occupational Therapy, LLC

Karen A. Ilgen, OTR/L

Pediatric Occupational Therapist
1529 Sam Rittenberg Boulevard , Suite 1-D
Charleston, SC 29407
Phone: (843) 991-2694
Fax: (843) 405-1316 

Kid Works OT, LLC strives to gather as much information about each child (strengths, interests, struggles) as possible. Assessments are administered and interviews/questionnaires are conducted in order to understand the needs of the child and the family. Input (information and perspectives) from other professionals is encouraged and helpful. A treatment plan consisting of goals to address during private sessions and/or in a home program is provided. Continued support is offered via consultation time during or after a treatment session, e-mails, or phone conversations. Home visits are also offered (upon request) to assess and offer recommendations regarding a sensory room/area; adaptation of furniture for optimal positioning for functional motor skills; assessment of materials the family has available and suggestions for activities to be carried out in the home. 


Karen graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina Occupational Therapy Program in 1984 with specialty training in pediatrics. She is certified in Sensory Integration through Sensory Integration International, The Therapeutic Listening Program, and The Wilbarger Protocol. She also pursues on-going training in pediatrics.

She loves to discover a child's strengths and what "makes their soul sing" while assessing the concern areas expressed by their parents. The child can then be encouraged in activities that develop their talents while addressing areas that are difficult for them.

Working with the child's parents to help them understand component areas that are obstacles to their child's success in functional activities is a great pleasure for this occupational therapist. "It is so inspirational to watch them take the information given to them and use it in amazing ways to help their child soar."